My journey through Operational Excellence 

  Harnessing through a closed and monopolistic market for over a decade, sudden change through open and competitive market had been detrimental. However, sailing through change across four decades my career has been extremely determining. With no means of guidance, businesses were in a fix while competing with international giants & MNCs. With a determination to […]

Wait & Watch…Is it a Strategy ?

It has been 40 years since the Harvard economist John Kenneth Galbraith published his work “The Age of Uncertainty”. In the 40 years since 1977 uncertainty has come to confront each one of us every day and in every aspect of our lives. When we look back at the 1970s the times appear more certain […]

Mothers Day ( is Everyday )

 The origin of Mother’s Day started as an anti-war movement. Anna Jarvis is most often credited with founding Mother’s Day in the United States. Designated as the second Sunday in May by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914,  as a national holiday to honor mothers.   What comes to your mind – when you think about your Mother – sacrifice, caretaker, […]

Turning failure into an advantage

“Your Beliefs, Words, Behaviours & Actions must be Optimised in order to fully Unleash YOUR Greatness “ “Energy is the essence of life. Every day you decide how you’re going to use it by knowing what you want and what it takes to reach that goal, and by maintaining focus.” You have something special in […]

Importance & Impact of your first Job on your career.

The importance of finding the right job when you begin working after graduation can’t be overstated. Many young job seekers are also ignorant about their financial needs. This leads to disillusionment and feelings like not earning enough, not being able to buy property and the inability to start a family or get married etc. The […]

10 Tips For Getting Your Article Published On STN.

As you’ve probably heard, we just announced a new feature on STar Training Network. We will now be publishing your articles every day! We are very excited to share this with you and I can’t wait to see the content our readers submit. You can read more about this feature in this article: Since we plan to […]

Industry 4.0 : Making your business more competitive

The world of uncertainty is engulfing fast changing the way we do business. Organisations are no more limited through objective principles of management. The world of work faces an epochal transition.   From defense to State administration to manufacturing economy, from social public convenience to personal utilization, the global economy has felt the necessity to […]

Body Language for Success

Being successful is not something everyone can achieve. Not for the lack of trying, of course. Sometimes, it’s just the way you walk, talk or behave. Sometimes, all you need to have is the right body language. 1. Sit up straight: Slouching is a sign of laziness. It implies that you are weak and are making […]

Sink or Swim: Forward or Dragged

Is there really any logic to survival in an economic downturn? Perhaps there’s an economic equivalent to Darwin’s theory of natural selection, where the strongest companies share similar genes and common approach to business. This magic formula, you might say, is what gives them the advantage and the potential to ride the ebbs and flows of […]

Pioneering Leadership

If you’ve learned a lot about leadership and making a movement, then let’s watch a movement happen, start to finish, in under 3 minutes, and dissect some lessons: A leader needs the guts to stand alone and look ridiculous. But what he’s doing is so simple, it’s almost instructional. This is key. You must be […]

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