Building Talent Series Roundtable – “Future of Work – End of HR ?”

September 22 2018
The Beatle Hotel
JMJ House, Orchard Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076 India
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EXIT: Toxic workplace!

“I had to quit! The environment around me was growing toxic and suffocating. I had become less influential, my conscience was confused and I was having sleepless nights.” These were the words of a CXO I met last week. After nearly two decades with the organization, a spate of troubling developments around her led to this fateful […]

Success is not anybody’s Monopoly

You might have come across many people who always roam here and there without any work, expecting fortune to kiss them every time and everywhere. They are the one who suffers the entire life of frustration and unhappiness. But I am sure you are not one amongst them; the very simple fact that you have […]

World Cup Football 2018 – Some Lessons I learned

World Cup Football 2018 – Some Lessons I learned By Tarun Midde As the euphoria of the World Cup concludes with the glut of golazos, many inspiring moments, many successes and failures, I wish to share a few learnings I picked up as an HR professional. My purpose is to create an intuitive implication on […]

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